domenica 11 luglio 2010

When vintage becomes contemporary

Today I'm going to present you one of the funniest video I've ever watched.
The title of this post is "When vintage becomes contemporary", and it's pretty easy to understand the reason why: the director has managed to combine his taste for vintage, that you can see in the clothes and in the dances, which are typical of the old passed times, with a supercontemporary kind of music, characterized by synth and touches of electro.
The result is amazing. 
Try to watch the video without audio and then to listen to the song without watching the video. You could not believe how can they bond together so well!

The Pass - Treatment of the Sun

The Pass - "Treatment of the Sun" PMA Premiere from Pretty Much Amazing on Vimeo.

giovedì 8 luglio 2010


As promised in the previous post, here's the video for "Crossfire", the new single from Brandon Flowers, the frontman of The Killers.
Considering the names involved, I was expecting something more from you, Brandon!
Check it out!

mercoledì 7 luglio 2010

We finally have a single...

...and we finally have a date! 
Brandon Flowers' new single is finally out; it's called "Crossfire" and it's the first song extracted from his solo album "Flamingo". 
We also have a release date of his album, which is September 14.
Waiting anxiously to know whether to wait in line for it or regret the times of The Killers, let's listen to "Crossfire".

Oh God! I almost forgot: tomorrow I'll also post the new video from Brandon, directed by the fantastic Nash Edgerton, with the participation of Charlize Theron!!! 
It must be something big...