martedì 18 maggio 2010

Dreamin' of swimming

I'm sorry guys for not having posted anything through all these days, but I've been really busy with studying and I think this situation will last at least until monday! I'm trying not to drown!!!

Btw, the song I'm presenting you today is part of the new album by The Fall, "Your Future Our Cuttler", and although I personally think that the entire album is really a masterpiece, I decided to extract this track because I believe that it is perfectly representative of the musical style, somewhere between rock and punk, of The Fall. Just like Wikipedia wants us to understand > [The Fall are an English post-punk group, formed in PrestwichGreater Manchester in 1976. The group has existed in some form ever since, and is essentially built around its founder and only constant member Mark E. Smith. First associated with the punk movement of the late 1970s, the group's music has gone through several stylistic changes over the years. However, The Fall's music is often characterised by repetition, an abrasive guitar-driven sound, and is always underpinned by Smith's vocals and often cryptic lyrics, described by critic Steve Huey as "abstract poetry filled with complicated wordplay, bone-dry wit, cutting social observations, and general misanthropy (sometimes more implied than clearly stated, but apparent nonetheless).]

domenica 9 maggio 2010

A nice discovery

I must be honest: I didn't know Wolf parade before today, so I was rather surprised to learn that they are at their third album. And, as honestly as before, it sounds so good! Here's the review taken from P.M.A.
Wolf Parade’s seven years as a group have been seven years defining and perfecting a sound, a unique and stunning sound that doesn’t steal from the universe of Quebecois bands (of which they make up a vital part), but rather gives it a sharp, rapidly expanding edge. With the two teaser tracks leading into the band’s third full-length album, Expo 86, due for release June 29, Wolf Parade have taken the strange, volatile energy we love them for and channeled it into songs that are denser, fuller, and more mature.
“Ghost Pressure” is gentler, more electronic, driven by a computerized back beat, fleshed out with sharp guitar chords. It sounds like walking at night in the rain – like much of the band’s material, a powerful melodic melancholy, with an incredible bridge.
“What Did My Lover Say” is all sharp, distorted guitar, movement like limping, uneven steps. “I don’t think that I should be sorry for things I do in dreams,” Dan Boeckner sings. It’s twitchy, unapologetic, unstable, about to break – and endlessly listenable.

sabato 8 maggio 2010

Floating on the silence that surrounds us.

This song, which might seem almost "trivial" in its simplicity, is actually a fine example of music studied in every single detail, from the rhythm in quarters almost syncopated to the saxophone that sounds when you least expect it, from the persuasive voice of the singer to the old-style touch.
Soft Healer - Movie Light

giovedì 6 maggio 2010

Whether you like it or not: Kele (Bloc Party)

...I could't feel comfortable passing over the news not only of the debut solo album of Kele, the singer and frontman of Bloc Party, but also of the release of "Tenderoni", the first single extracted from his solo album (which will be released in June).
Kele's first solo album, "The Boxer", is supposed to be released on June 21st and it'll be produced by Hudson Mohawke and XXXChange (from Spank Rock).

Kele - Tenderoni (as usual with all other links, right-click to download)

martedì 4 maggio 2010

Jetskiis on my mind

Thank you Maio for the beautiful picture I've stolen from you Fb album.

Jetskiis are a new band from San Francisco, one of those bands formed by strange elements of the everyday sociality. This is what their bio looks like in their Myspace page:
"Last year JETSKIIS was formed by a singer living under house arrest, a bassist without a valid mailing address, two recently unemployed drummers, and a guitarist in the midst of a gender epiphany".
This is probably why their music is so deep and full of contrasts, and yet why they're so under the spotlight in the american music scene: because we all are, underneath, a little problem!
Jetskiss - Reaganomics

To all my friends...this post's for you...

...and that's why I'm going to write it in italian.
A seguito delle richieste di svariati amici e followers del blog, ho deciso di inserire un player per file musicali. Più e più volte, infatti, mi è stato fatto notare quanto sia scomodo dover far partire un video alla volta per poter sentire un po' di canzoni in sequenza; ed è proprio per questo che ho deciso di inserire il player per permettervi di ascoltare tutte quelle canzoni delle quali sono riuscito a trovare il file mp3 su internet (quindi senza rischiare di farmi chiudere il blog per violazione del copyright). 
Da oggi in poi, cliccando sul tasto "play" accanto al link di ogni canzone, farete partire la riproduzione in sequenza di tutti i brani della pagina in questione. Comodo no?!
Fatemi sapere che ne pensate...