venerdì 30 aprile 2010


It's official! The countdown on The Killers website was supposed to indicate the time left to a fantastic news: Brandon Flowers' new solo album, "Flamingo". 
We know nothing more, but I believe it's a pretty shocking news, isn't it? 
What you have to do now is going to The Killers website and sign up to receive all the latest news concerning Brandon going solo!

giovedì 29 aprile 2010


Why there's a countdown in the home page of The Killers official website? What does stand this for?
Many fans are wondering without being able to receive an answer or even a small news. According to someone, the countdown would indicate the time left to the band's next album, while according to others it might indicate the time left to the release of the Brandon Flower's solo album; some others even think that it could be the time left to the dissolution (the temporary dissolution) of the band. Hoping this latter hypothesis to be the farer from the truth, let's wait something more than 3 hours to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise".

domenica 25 aprile 2010

Easy on Sunday

This song sounds like a track from the old days... it sounds pretty "easy" and it has such a regular rhythm... just the bridge comes slightly out from the default scheme. 

The feature is definitely the video, entirely shot in 3D (I still do not know if the old 3D, the one that you have to watch with red and green glasses, or the new one).
The One AM Radio - Credible Threats (right click to download)

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

We are all one happy family

Photo taken by: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Do you know those songs that when you listen to them you feel you just want to scream and dance like a crazy/drunk/wasted one? 
All right. Few days ago I heard this one and, although it's no big deal in terms of quality, it made me that effect!

Slow Club - Giving Up On Love (right click to download)

We’ve been over and over 
This thing we call love 
And I’ve been thinking about 
What my friends would say 
If I were to give it up 

Cause I’ve been tired and hopeful (I’ve been hurting inside) 
For far too long now (too long now) 
So I’m giving it up, giving up, giving up on love 
Giving up on love 

Hold back, you’ve got me all wrong 
And now it’s like it’s over before it’s even begun 
You need to sit back and take it as a test 
If you’d given me straight answers I would never have had to guess 

Cause I’ve been tired and hopeful (I’ve been hurting inside) 
For far too long now (too long now) 
So I’m giving it up, giving up, giving up on love 
Giving up on love 

And it was obvious from the start 
We were the only ones with hearts 
And you pull mine apart 
With the things that you do 
The house was falling from the cliffs 
It is only glass and brick 
If you throw enough it sticks 
I learnt that before 
It’s a battle not a war 

Cause we’ve been over and over 
This thing we call love 
And I’ve been thinking about 
What my friends would say 
If I were to give it up 

Cause I’ve been tired and hopeful (I’ve been hurting inside) 
For far too long now (too long now) 
So I’ve given it up, given up, given up on love 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 

Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love (given up, given up) 
Given up on love

There are two versions of this song, the original one from the album and the one from the video...the first one I post is the one from the album (which I personally prefer).


This is one of those songs that you might not like the first time you hear them, but I guarantee that soon you'll love them. This one in particular has a touch of orient, a touch of deep rock and a touch of something I can't define, but is probably that something that makes it so special. Just listen to it really really loud, while you're doing something else; as to say, without caring!

Liars - Proud Evolution (right click to download)

lunedì 19 aprile 2010

The difficulties of being normal

Another band from the U.S. and another song that sounds so summer-like...I guess it must be real that we can never have enough of the sun!

Best Coast - When I'm With You (right click to download)

Guys, followers, friends, I need you to give me an advice: should I keep writing my posts in english or should I do it in italian? Or maybe in both languages?! Hear from you soon! G.

sabato 17 aprile 2010

Blur are back!!!

Blur are finally back...

After following different paths, which led them to very important collaboration such as The Good, The Bad and The Queen and Gorillaz, Damon Albarn and friends are finally back together. Their last release was "Think Tank" (2003), and God knows how much we were missing them!
Hundreds of people have been hours and hours in front of the label to grab the first copies of the vinyl of their new song!
I know, they have the vinyl and I don't even give you the link of the song, but I can give you the link to get the link! Just click here, then click on regular download and finally on download at the and of the page!
But first listen to their brand new song, "Fool's Day", and please, please, notice the sound @ 2:30!!!!!! Magnificent!!!!

venerdì 16 aprile 2010

Gold in the air of summer

Dustin Payseur, the man behind Brooklyn band Beach Fossils, seems to be making music for swimming, as his bright guitar licks and floating vocals make him sound like an excellent holdover from last summer's lo-fi guitar pop bands. Captured Tracks will be putting out Beach Fossils self-titled debut album on May 25, and album preview "Youth" is a little splash of sunshine that is characteristic of the Beach Fossils sound, unobtrusive but immediately ingratiating. (Review from: Prefixmag).

Beach Fossils - Youth (right click on the link to download the song)

giovedì 15 aprile 2010

One of the best songs...

...that I've heard since 2010 has begun. Undoubtedly!
Just listen to the guitar and tell me if I'm lying!
All I want is your pity, and all I want are your bitter tears.

I have to have their new album!!!

mercoledì 14 aprile 2010

Double the music, double the pleasure!

Today I'm presenting two songs...both with fantastic videos, but most of all, both with links, which means they're both downloadable!

The Soft Pack - Answer To Yourself

This one is nice, nothing special (in my opinion), but one of those songs that deserve a place in my blog just because of the video. It's amazing!
Band of Horses - Compliments

martedì 13 aprile 2010

It's your heart that gives me this western feeling

(They made me post it again because I had violated a rule or something!)
The Foals are a band from Oxford, founded in 2005. They were born in a music scene already quite full of indie and folk bands, but they've managed to distinguish themselves (as The Block Party before them) thanks to their more positive and inspired sound.
"This Orient" is the second single from their new album, "Total Life Forever".
The Foals - This Orient

Let's also listen to The Foals' first single from "Total Life Forever". The video of the song is such a beautiful piece of art. Really touching.
The Foals - Spanish Sahara

lunedì 12 aprile 2010


Photo: taken by me.
Only a few months ago, around the network, began popping up disturbing images and videos from very attractive locations: forest, trees that come alive, distorted but charming atmospheres. All accompanied by superb voice and music of the unknown author that, in a perfect mix of synth-pop and post-rock, has managed to create around herself a real case of 'hunt the artist'. 
From the online publication of the second video has started a race among online magazine and public curiosity to see who could first discover the name of the artist that, meanwhile, was keeping everybody's attention signing her works with a simple "Iamwhoiam". None of the hypothesis seemed to be satisfying. Until today.
The mysterious singer would be, apparently, a young 28 year-old Swedish girl, Jonna Lee, who, despite her age, seems to have already received a lot of experience in music.
The European artist, despite its origins, is still pretty unknown in Italy.
And if her intentions with the mysterious case Iamwhoiam were to make people talk about herself and get some publicity, certainly Jonna Lee has succeeded in doing it.
Finally everything seems to be clear, but we're still looking forward for a confirmation.

giovedì 8 aprile 2010

Lover please, do not fall to your knees, It’s not like I believe in ever-lasting love.

Photo: taken by me
Surfing the internet looking for new songs to post, I came across an old "friend" of mine, a pretty unique artist, to be admired for her special music, for the wonderful voice and especially for the talent, considering she's just 20.
She sings so effortlessly but at the same time so deeply, the lyrics are so cryptic but yet so clear.
She's just one of those persons in whom you perfectly see the natural talent.
All this, just because she's out with her new album, "I Speak Because I Can", in stores from April 6.
Check out the first singles from her new album; but first I want to introduce those who don't know Laura (yet) to her music, by listening to her two most beautiful songs (to me): "Ghost" and "My Manic And I".
Laura Marling - Ghost (right click to download it)

Laura Marling - Ghosts from kadei lemberger on Vimeo.

Laura Marling - My Manic And I (right-click to download it)

Laura Marling - My Manic & I from Vivian De La Torre on Vimeo.

And now, the reason why I'm writing this post: "I Speak Because I Can" and Laura's new singles.
Laura Marling - Devil's spoke

Laura Marling 'Devils Spoke' from Ben Magahy on Vimeo.

Laura Marling - Alpha Shallows

Isn't she a genius????

mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Easy listening 2

Something you like to listen to in a sunny day at the park.

Or something you like to watch, since the video is so cute.

Hari and Aino - All That Remains

lunedì 5 aprile 2010

A fantastic news!

Their names are Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands and, although we all know them as the legendary duo "The Chemical Brothers", they really are the two great protagonists of the global electronic scene.
Strong of six albums (made from '95) and a load of impressive successes, the Chemical Brothers are back on the field with a new exclusive album, "Further".The release is scheduled for June 7 and, according to reliable rumors, it will be a formidable mix of groove, electronic and hip hop, with lots of beat and exciting sounds."Further" will have 8 songs, whose promotion will start very soon with the mini-tour of the group at the Roundhouse in London (20-23 May).

Pete Tong has always been on the spot, always on time. And this time makes no exeptions! While waiting for the release of "Further", he presents us exclusively "Escape Velocity". Enjoy!

The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity

domenica 4 aprile 2010

Happy Easter!

Another rainy Easter...
When it rains, I usually enjoy listening to easy songs; songs that help me thinking of nothing.
And the one that I present you today is definitely one of these songs. I don't say it in a bad way, I'm not willing to put discredit on this song. I'm just saying that you don't need a particularly developed sense of music or criticism to like this song or to enjoy listening to it. It's just something that you can do without thinking about it. And that's exactly what I like to do in the rain. Forget.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Our Younger Noise

sabato 3 aprile 2010

Feel the funk

Photo: taken by me (or Nuri...can't remember)

I feel a little funky tonight...not that much, just a little.
I discovered this track some weeks ago and, instead of keeping it to myself, which is something that I do with all those tracks that I consider not so "likeable", I decided to post it today.
It's easy to feel the funk side of it...
All around and away we go is the new single taken from Twin Sister's album "Color Your Life" and it has such a nice groove!
Twin Sister - All Around And Away We go (let's try again with other links to download some song; just click on the link with the right button and download!)

venerdì 2 aprile 2010

In the mirror

"The new album from Field Music (self titled but identified as “Field Music (Measure)” to distinguish it from their debut album) is a gloriously rich LP that entwines the brother's renewed love of the rock music cannon with a rediscovery of some of pop's overlooked adventurers. If you listen closely, you might hear echos of and allusions to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Bela Bartok, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Miles Davis, The Beatles, Bowie, Richard Thompson, PJ Harvey, Crazy Horse, Erik Satie, Kate Bush, Talk Talk, Lou Reed, Brian Eno, The Blue Nile, Pierre Schaeffer, Roxy Music, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Todd Rundgren and Discipline-era King Crimson.

Unlike previous Field Music albums, characterised by their precision and conceptual and sonic coherence, this new record makes no attempt to present itself as a unified whole. Themes disappear and reappear. Some songs flow together, others intrude on each other. There are contradictions and ripostes. There appears to be a great deal of defiance and a fair amount of resignation". (Description from: Memphis was too good not to copy it!)

Field Music - In The Mirror

The sunset comes later

February 23 was released the new album of Sharewater:" The Golden Archipelago". To celebrate the arrival of this new, highly anticipated album, Shearwater decided to give the direction of their video "Hidden Lakes" in the hands of Alma Har'el. And the result is amazing!

Shearwater - Hidden Lakes