giovedì 8 aprile 2010

Lover please, do not fall to your knees, It’s not like I believe in ever-lasting love.

Photo: taken by me
Surfing the internet looking for new songs to post, I came across an old "friend" of mine, a pretty unique artist, to be admired for her special music, for the wonderful voice and especially for the talent, considering she's just 20.
She sings so effortlessly but at the same time so deeply, the lyrics are so cryptic but yet so clear.
She's just one of those persons in whom you perfectly see the natural talent.
All this, just because she's out with her new album, "I Speak Because I Can", in stores from April 6.
Check out the first singles from her new album; but first I want to introduce those who don't know Laura (yet) to her music, by listening to her two most beautiful songs (to me): "Ghost" and "My Manic And I".
Laura Marling - Ghost (right click to download it)

Laura Marling - Ghosts from kadei lemberger on Vimeo.

Laura Marling - My Manic And I (right-click to download it)

Laura Marling - My Manic & I from Vivian De La Torre on Vimeo.

And now, the reason why I'm writing this post: "I Speak Because I Can" and Laura's new singles.
Laura Marling - Devil's spoke

Laura Marling 'Devils Spoke' from Ben Magahy on Vimeo.

Laura Marling - Alpha Shallows

Isn't she a genius????

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