venerdì 18 febbraio 2011

A little present the day before a great gift..!

Just one day before the highly anticipated "digital release" of the new album of Radiohead, "King of Limbs", which I've already presented in the last post, the band surprises us again: on the band's official blog, Dead Air Space, Thom Yorke and his boys have just posted a preview of the upcoming video, which, presumably, will also be the first single from their new album (other surprises permitting, of course!).
As far as the song is concerned, it goes back to the electronic sound of Radiohead's first great successes, leaving the new melodic sound behind to take up that electro-rock that counts Radiohead among its best representatives.
The video, however, is as simple as in conflict with the sound: there's just Thom Yorke, in jeans, white shirt and hat, dancing.
Keep it simple!

Ad un giorno dall'uscita del nuovo attesissimo album dei Radiohead, "King of Limbs", che vi ho presentato nell'ultimo post, ecco che la band ci sorprende di nuovo: sul blog ufficiale del gruppo, infatti, Dead Air Space, Thom Yorke e i suoi hanno appena postato l'anteprima del loro prossimo video, che, verosimilmente, sarà anche il primo singolo estratto dal loro nuovo album (altre sorprese permettendo, s'intende!).
Per quanto riguarda la canzone si ritorna alle sonorità elettroniche dei primi grandi successi, si lascia un po' il sound neomelodico alle spalle per riprendere in mano quel filone electro-rock di cui i Radiohead sono indubbiamente tra i migliori rappresentanti.
Il video, invece, è tanto semplice quando in contrasto con il sound: ritrae, infatti, il solo Thom Yorke, in jeans, camicia bianca e cappello, che balla. 
Keep it simple!

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

Radiohead: new record on February 19th!!!

Guys, here we are! 
Nothing more desirable and unexpected could have been announced at the beginning of this 2011: in the next few days Radiohead are coming out with their new (and surely magical) album!!! 
Save the date: February 19th!
Visiting the band official website it's possibile to pre-order a digital copy of the new album "The King of Limbs" and to enter the draw for the vinyl! Do not absolutely miss this opportunity!!!

A little curiosity: "The King of Limbs", 'the first newspaper album', as the band likes it to be defined, is going to be composed by 2 vinyls, 1 cd, an unknown number of wall posters and 625 smaller pictures; all contained in a biodegradable packaging.
Just as with "In Rainbows"with which Radiohead have confirmed being pioneers of digital music, also in this case they demonstrates to be precursors of what could realistically become a new trend in the music panorama!

Ragazzi, ci siamo!
Niente di più desiderabile ed inaspettato avrebbe mai potuto essere annunciato all'inizio di questo 2011: nei prossimi giorni uscirà il nuovo (e sicuramente magico) album dei Radiohead!!!
Segnatevi la data: 19 febbraio!
Entrando nel sito internet ufficiale della band è possibile effettuare il pre-ordine dell'album digitale "The King of Limbs" e partecipare all'estrazione del vinile! Non perdete quest'opportunità!!!

Una piccola curiosità: "The King of Limbs", 'il primo newspaper album', come alla band piace che venga definito, sarà composto da 2 vinili, un cd, un imprecisato numero di poster e 625 immagini di minori dimensioni; il tutto contenuto in una confezione biodegradabile!
Proprio come con "In Rainbows", con il quale i Radiohead si sono confermati pionieri della musica digitale, anche in questo caso si dimostrano precursori di quello che potrebbe verosimilmente diventare un nuovo trend del mondo musicale!

lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Finally back...

Hi guys, how's it going?
I'm sorry for my absence - I didn't mean to do it - it's just been such an amazing/crazy/HellOfA period: I graduated from university, I moved to Rome, I began to work in an amazing law firm...everything is going perfect...I couldn't ask for more...
Unfortunately, all these emotions and news have deeply affected my blog! 
The choice was either to leave the blog forever or coming back for good...and I chose life!

Now that I'm back, let's take about some serious stuff.
First of all, a bad news: The White Stripes are gone! Meg and Jack broke up on Wednesday and they're never going to come back together for the pleasure of all the r'r lovers!
Secondly, a nice news: Beady Eye, the group (created by the volcano-minded Liam Gallagher) that I mentioned here, are having a huge success...nice discovery, RfT!
What else? A lot of things happened in the music world during my absence, and a lot of things are happening right now while I'm spending my time saying how many things have, let's stop wasting time and let's focus on what's new!
You all know I love rock'n'roll, you surely all know I like different kinds of music, but not all of you know I love music that not many people probably think that having a music blog obliges you to post as many easy-listening songs as possible, but this isn't true; having a music blog let's you express yourself the freshest most sincere way! 
That's why I'm feeling free to present you a "tune" (go all the way to the next song if you're not in the mood...).
Madlib - L.A. California

Afterwards, another one of the oh-so-cool girl bands out there: Vivian Girls!
Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say

And now, an amazing discovery: Cut Copy! Everybody's waiting for their first album to come out and, to tell the truth, after listening to this song, I'm pretty excited, too!
Cut Copy - Need You Now

domenica 28 novembre 2010

Beady Eye

The relationship between Liam and Noel Gallagher has never been idyllic, and this isn't certainly a big news; with their brawls on stage, their brawls in the backstage and their brawls in hotels, the two brothers have never left us empty-handed, as far as gossip is concerned.
But now, after the recent dissolution of Oasis, caused by another big fight between the two, there's a big news: Beady Eye, the new Liam Gallagher's band, are out with a new single: "Bring the Light".
Beady Eye - Bring The Light

mercoledì 3 novembre 2010

What a news!!!

The incredibly talented and prolific Damon Albarn, from Blur, Gorillaz and The Good, The Bad and The Queen, has announced his participation to a new project, which also includes the drummer Tony Allen and the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea.
Although the group doesn't have a name yet (or, as far as we know, it hasn't been announced), Damon has confirmed that the album is on its way and that it has been completed in most of his songs.
Albarn has also announced that he's working with Gorillaz on their new album, despite Plastic Bleach has been released this year, and this also demonstrates the stakhanovism of the artist.
In addition to that, he also said that he hopes to return soon to work with The Good, The Bad and The Queen and that he's planning to come out with a solo album.
What an artist!!!

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

Belle & Sebastien

They're finally back! Belle & Sebastien are out with their new album, called "Write About Love".

The waiting has been long, more than 4 years actually, but since they're back, let's talk about their LP. 
Their new songs do not distance themselves from what we have been used to listen: accessible, free and catchy songs that you feel you could listen to all the time.
But ('cause there's always a "but"), while their previous albums have been almost life-changing, as far as music is concerned, for all of us, this one isn't such a breakthrough: listening to it, it seems just to have turned the album and being listening to the other side of it; which isn't something very exciting, after a 4 year waiting!
Today I'm posting 2 songs of the new album...just let me know what you think!

sabato 16 ottobre 2010

Go, if you gotta go...

If you listen to Mirrors, you'll realize how much they sound like a mixture between New Order and Depeche Mode. Nothing else to say...just listen to "Hide & Seek" and tell me if I'm wrong!
Mirrors - Hide & Seek