martedì 19 ottobre 2010

Belle & Sebastien

They're finally back! Belle & Sebastien are out with their new album, called "Write About Love".

The waiting has been long, more than 4 years actually, but since they're back, let's talk about their LP. 
Their new songs do not distance themselves from what we have been used to listen: accessible, free and catchy songs that you feel you could listen to all the time.
But ('cause there's always a "but"), while their previous albums have been almost life-changing, as far as music is concerned, for all of us, this one isn't such a breakthrough: listening to it, it seems just to have turned the album and being listening to the other side of it; which isn't something very exciting, after a 4 year waiting!
Today I'm posting 2 songs of the new album...just let me know what you think!
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