giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Wolfang Electro Phoenix

Here we go again...Phoenix continue to surprise us; the french alternative rock band members decided to keep cultivating the electronic vein that has always characterized their sound, but in an even more extreme way: in these days they're presenting some track so distinctly electro, but yet so distinctly "phoenix", that, I'm sure, their fans are going to love!
One of these is Love Like a Sunset Pt. 3, the song that I'm presenting you in this post: markedly electro in the sound, it follows the trail of the electro tradition also because it has almost no lyrics (at least until minute 4); it reminds me pretty clearly of the soundtrack of the trailer of "Somewhere" by Sofia Coppola (Mrs. Thomas Mars, frontman of Phoenix) that I've presented you in a previous post...I hope you'll like it, 'cause I do!
P.s. While listening, if you feel that you're missing Thomas' voice, just go to minute 4..! I do it, too (sometimes...)!

Phoenix - "Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 3"
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