lunedì 7 febbraio 2011

Finally back...

Hi guys, how's it going?
I'm sorry for my absence - I didn't mean to do it - it's just been such an amazing/crazy/HellOfA period: I graduated from university, I moved to Rome, I began to work in an amazing law firm...everything is going perfect...I couldn't ask for more...
Unfortunately, all these emotions and news have deeply affected my blog! 
The choice was either to leave the blog forever or coming back for good...and I chose life!

Now that I'm back, let's take about some serious stuff.
First of all, a bad news: The White Stripes are gone! Meg and Jack broke up on Wednesday and they're never going to come back together for the pleasure of all the r'r lovers!
Secondly, a nice news: Beady Eye, the group (created by the volcano-minded Liam Gallagher) that I mentioned here, are having a huge success...nice discovery, RfT!
What else? A lot of things happened in the music world during my absence, and a lot of things are happening right now while I'm spending my time saying how many things have, let's stop wasting time and let's focus on what's new!
You all know I love rock'n'roll, you surely all know I like different kinds of music, but not all of you know I love music that not many people probably think that having a music blog obliges you to post as many easy-listening songs as possible, but this isn't true; having a music blog let's you express yourself the freshest most sincere way! 
That's why I'm feeling free to present you a "tune" (go all the way to the next song if you're not in the mood...).
Madlib - L.A. California

Afterwards, another one of the oh-so-cool girl bands out there: Vivian Girls!
Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say

And now, an amazing discovery: Cut Copy! Everybody's waiting for their first album to come out and, to tell the truth, after listening to this song, I'm pretty excited, too!
Cut Copy - Need You Now
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