lunedì 5 aprile 2010

A fantastic news!

Their names are Ed Simons and Tom Rowlands and, although we all know them as the legendary duo "The Chemical Brothers", they really are the two great protagonists of the global electronic scene.
Strong of six albums (made from '95) and a load of impressive successes, the Chemical Brothers are back on the field with a new exclusive album, "Further".The release is scheduled for June 7 and, according to reliable rumors, it will be a formidable mix of groove, electronic and hip hop, with lots of beat and exciting sounds."Further" will have 8 songs, whose promotion will start very soon with the mini-tour of the group at the Roundhouse in London (20-23 May).

Pete Tong has always been on the spot, always on time. And this time makes no exeptions! While waiting for the release of "Further", he presents us exclusively "Escape Velocity". Enjoy!

The Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity
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