lunedì 12 aprile 2010


Photo: taken by me.
Only a few months ago, around the network, began popping up disturbing images and videos from very attractive locations: forest, trees that come alive, distorted but charming atmospheres. All accompanied by superb voice and music of the unknown author that, in a perfect mix of synth-pop and post-rock, has managed to create around herself a real case of 'hunt the artist'. 
From the online publication of the second video has started a race among online magazine and public curiosity to see who could first discover the name of the artist that, meanwhile, was keeping everybody's attention signing her works with a simple "Iamwhoiam". None of the hypothesis seemed to be satisfying. Until today.
The mysterious singer would be, apparently, a young 28 year-old Swedish girl, Jonna Lee, who, despite her age, seems to have already received a lot of experience in music.
The European artist, despite its origins, is still pretty unknown in Italy.
And if her intentions with the mysterious case Iamwhoiam were to make people talk about herself and get some publicity, certainly Jonna Lee has succeeded in doing it.
Finally everything seems to be clear, but we're still looking forward for a confirmation.

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  1. ahh so good! just read the BULLETT media interview! all you fans should cheeeck it out! sick photos