giovedì 3 giugno 2010


Hi guys, I'm sorry for not having posted anything through all these days, but I've been superbusy with my exams and I couldn't find a moment to dedicate to my music research; so, instead of presenting something meaningless, just to fill a post, I've preferred not to do it. Now I just have to pass one more exam and I'll be done! To help you forgiving me for my absence, I decided to create a post to try to contain some latest releases, so to keep me and keep you updated as much as possible.
Glad to be again on the spot,

P.s. This post contains just two songs...I've not obviously been able to take some more time to research! Sorry again guys!

Psychobuildings - No Man's Land (they're from Nyc, and that is obvious...)

Junip - Rope and Summit (try to look beyond)
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