martedì 10 agosto 2010

The end of the world is bigger than love

A few days ago I've watched a movie that I've been wanting to see since the first day it came out: "I Love Radio Rock". If you like old-fashioned music, that's the movie for you...
It's about a pirate ship anchored off in the North Sea that broadcasts rock music 24/7. It sounds like nothing special, but at that time (the 60s) the situation was slightly more problematic than today: rock music was seen by the government as music for drug addicts, young hotheads and dissidents. The soundtrack of this music, as you can easily imagine, is fantastic...I'm listening to it since the day I saw the film.
As I'm now drowned into this fantastic world of old-school music, I decided to post this song. It reminds me of the music from the 50s and the 60s in its rhythm and in its cadence, and it's also perfectly consistent with the music I'm listening to right now...Hope you like it!
Deerhunter - Revival
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