giovedì 5 agosto 2010

Call me up before you're dead, we can make some plans instead

Finally, after almost a month, I'm back...I've had so much going on that I couldn't even stop for one sec and think about my blog...but I can tell you, I've been missing it a lot. It's nice to have a place to share your discoveries with your friends and followers. I promise I'll try not to stay away so long again!
Even if I've been away for so long, I don't have much to present terms of numbers, I mean.
Today has been a pretty weird day...sunny, then rainy, then sunny again...and now, guess what, it's raining again.
As this day has been strange, I'm going to present you some "strange" kind of music, music that you don't listen to everyday. It's nice to occasionally drown into rhythms that we don't know, that are not familiar. And that's what I'm doing tonight...escaping (mentally, unfortunately).
Fol Chen - The Holograms (Primary 1 Rework)
Cosmetics - Sleepwalking
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