martedì 23 marzo 2010

Something you shouldn't miss - Give me some Air

Even if they're such a well known band, and even if their new album, "Love 2", is already a worldwide success, I feel that I should suggest it to those who don't know it yet. And I'll do it by posting one of my favourite tracks of it: "Be a Bee".
Doesn't it remind you of a James Bond kind of movie?!
I love it!
Air - Be A Bee

In "Love 2" there's such a beat, such a rythm that almost all songs are to be reminded! Let's not forget "Love", the song that gives the name to the whole album, and "Tropical Disease", which sounds so oriental and mysterious.
Air - Love

But the first single extracted from the album hasn't been one of these, but "Sing Sang Sung", which sounds so different and "childish" in comparison with the maturity and sound of the other tracks. Guess why?!

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  1. Gli Air hanno un immenso talento...pura classe e raffinatezza.Bella anche la loro partecipazione all'album 5:55 di Charlotte Gainsbourg.Respect